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HDmag flex - Magnetic belt encoder MIR3000 / MQR3000

 Flexible magnetic belt installation for large shafts.

  • High-resolution magnetic sensing with signal processing in realtime
  • Quickly installed flexible and high-precision magnetic belt
  • The individual fit to match your application
  • Large sensing distance, axial ±5 mm, radial 3 mm

Incremental – for shafts up to 3183 mm 
Download datasheet: HDmag MIR 3000F
- Square wave or Sin/Cos signals
- Up to 131 072 ppr



Quasi-absolute – for large shafts up to 3183 mm
Download datasheet: HDmag MQR 3000F
- SSI interface
- Singleturn resolution ≤ 24 bits
- Additional speed signal via SSI


Video "flexible magnetic belt installation"

The HDmag flex magnetic belt encoders MIR 3000F and MQR 3000F are a revolutionary and particularly cost-effective solution for measuring the precise position and speed of shafts with large diameters.


Your benefits

  • High-performance technology for large shaft diameters
    • The flexible magnetic belt is easily attached in few minutes, no need to deinstall the shaft
  • Maximum life span even in harsh environments
    • Wearfree magnetic sensing, all encapsulated electronics protecting against ambient impacts
  • Efficient control and regulation
    • Signal processing in realtime, consistently high signal quality, digital speed output
  • High flexibility
    • Wide air gap: axial ±5 mm, radial 1 ... 3 mm
  • Detection of extremely slow speed
    • Resolution capability 0,003 rpm


The magnetic belt encoder is designed for tough deployment at large drive shafts:

  • Wind turbines
  • Hydro power stations
  • Large drives (steel mills)
  • Generators
  • Azimuth drives (POD)
  • Cranes
  • Paper machinery