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Precision mechanical switches functionality

Rigorous attention was paid to the design of the My-Com® precision switch to reduce the number of components to an absolute minimum. Just three moving parts and high-quality materials guarantee a large number of switching operations with constant repeat accuracy. Short, linear displacements in just two directions and low activating forces further increase the reliability and service life of the My-Com® precision switch. The My-Com® has proven its impressive reliability in over 1 million applications.

Technical data

  • Repeat accuracy (T = const) < 0,001 mm (1 micron)
  • Mechanical lifetime 10'000'000 switchings
  • Switching frequency 0 - 10 Hz
  • Max. activating velocity < 30 mm/s
  • Temperature range -20 °C to +75 °C (-5 °F to +165 °F)
  • Standard cable material PVC
  • Protection class (standard) IP 50


0,001 mm repeat accuracy

Ensured reliable repeat accuracy of one micrometer makes My-Com® the most precise limit switch in the world. The mechanical device – with a service life of 10 million switching operations – provides ultra-precise reference signals for most diverse applications.

1 μm accuracy even in harsh environments

My-Com® precision switches retain their ultimate precision even under most adverse conditions. Viton and silicone gaskets prevent the gold-plated contacts from impairment by dirt, dust and condensation and thus ensure constant micrometer switching precision throughout the entire service life.

Housing fronts and product variants

My-Com® high-precision switches excel by ultra-compact design merged with big product variety.

  •     Conical and tapered housing fronts
  •     Activating force configurable from 30 cN tp 250 cN according to application
  •     Spherical hard metal or ruby tips for lateral approach
  •     Integrated amplifier with LED for 50 mA load current (PLC)